Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Internship

So I've begun my summer internship at Soup2Nuts, doing character design and animation. I had only applied for an animation internship, but they felt that I had some strengths in design I guess and put me to work under both departments. My first task is to design and build a character based on myself in the style of WordGirl, which is the studio's main project. After that, I'll add the character in a scene in an upcoming episode of WordGirl as an extra. I've finished the character (and actually, this isn't the final version here, but rather the penultimate version), and have begun animating.

So far it's been a blast working there. Everyone is so nice and... eccentric. Not to mention they've got an industrial sized coffee maker that I'll probably live at more and more as I get more and more comfortable there. Everyone's been really eager to help and are always thinking up little tricks and tips they can show me. Though at the end of each day I've been completely wiped due to the mass of information I've been given and struggling to retain. I'd better get comfortable with getting up and getting coffee soon.