Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So, I had some success with my computer, and it was running a bit better with all the clutter removed. Then my boyfriend spilled half a glass of wine right on top of it. So that probably reduced its life expectancy a little. In any case, my scanners still not set up, so I took this little picture with Photo Booth, cos I don't have a camera. No, not even a camera phone.

I've started trying to paint... starting small... yes, the canvas really is that small... but its a canvas nonetheless. I've been worried about leaving the paints out, since this very young kitten might think they look tasty.

Her name is Cereza, apparently... thanks Sara!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fun Week!

I ended up without a computer all week while I spent all my free time trying to erase everything and start from scratch with Snow Leopard, and it was frustrating, as can be predicted. Now this weekend, I'm home sick and feeling downright awful, trying to rest.

Anyway, I doodled this thing into the computer after watching a Clash documentary; its not supposed to be anyone specific. I've been really into rockumentaries lately, so that could be where I draw inspiration from for a little while... 'til something newer and more wicked this way comes.